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eventAugust 26
schedule2:30 pm - 2:30 pm
location_on Room 2

Proving Brand Value in Uncertain Times: Look Beyond A/B Testing

In uncertain times, agility is key. Sometimes the answer is clear, but often you want a quick test to confirm the right changes to roll out. While A/B testing is a valid tool, strategic multivariate testing offers the efficiency and flexibility to learn more, faster, and with greater impact. Tests often fall short of potential: coming too late in the planning process, testing small tweaks or broad brushstrokes, or using a “multivariate” approach that’s little more than duct-taped A/B tests or a one-size-fits-all automated option.

Effective multivariate testing is both a mindset and methodology. Integrating testing earlier in the strategic planning process, planning waves of tests that drive towards a common goal, and learning the basic statistics of test design can empower you to dramatically increase your test insights and ROI … without changing your current A/B testing platform.

After this session, you'll be able to:

  • Take a step-by-step approach for strategic test planning and execution
  • Understand the basic statistics of multivariate testing and the 3 most important test designs
  • Execute a multivariate test using A/B testing software

This session is ideal for digital, direct, retail, or omnichannel test leads, analysts, marketers, and executives who manage the testing function.

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