Session Details

eventOctober 1
schedule10:00 am - 4:00 pm
location_on Room 2

Advanced Facebook & Instagram Advertising in 2019 & Beyond

Good social media advertising is more than finding the right audience or choosing the right creative. In 2019, marketers need to understand the mechanics of making highly profitable Facebook & Instagram Advertising accounts. The days of “set and forget” or only optimizing towards conversions are over. Allocation of marketing budgets towards digital has already passed the 50% mark. By 2023, that number will be nearly 70%. With the continued rise of machine learning and fewer manual controls over optimization, the deft and adaptable digital marketer will thrive; the one-trick ponies will be replaced by algorithms. Now more than ever we need technicians that understand how and where to spend their ad budgets wisely and be able to implement profitable campaigns repeatedly. This Masterclass on Advanced Facebook & Instagram Advertising will bridge the knowledge gap between high-level strategy and “in the weeds” day-to-day tactical choices. We’ll spend the day talking through intermediate & advanced strategies that the best marketers on Facebook are seeing success with. At the beginning, we’ll walk through the fundamentals of Facebook & Instagram Advertising to set a strong foundation for more complex ideas to come. We’ll be weaving in case studies on B2B, B2C, agency and in-house best practices so whatever industry you work in you’ll be able to find actionable information you can use for your brand. You’ll receive an online interactive workbook to use during the workshop which will allow you to walk through exercises and personalize the insights you walk away with. Bring your laptop and be able to log into your own social media channels. Group activities will provide opportunities for hands-on learning while making new connections. You’ll be able to walk away knowing the knowledge you’ve gained in this Masterclass and subsequently implement will put you in the upper echelon of social media marketers in the world. At the end of this masterclass, you’ll be able to:
  • Audit a Facebook Ads Manager account & troubleshoot common issues
  • Revitalize your creative & seize your audience’s attention
  • Scale accounts correctly
  • Increase your customer’s lifetime value or average order value
  • Choose campaign types, audiences, and creative for every part of the funnel
  • Understand the differences between ad types, bidding optimizations, and ad placement
  • Fit the newest types of ads and placements into your marketing strategy
  • Accurately split test your ads, audiences, and campaign objectives
  • Dive into Facebook Analytics and custom reporting
  • Understand the disparities between platform attribution problems
  • Choose the best paid social tactics and processes for your brand