6 Seconds or Bust: Mastering Short-Form Storytelling

In today’s world, we only have less than 6 seconds to capture someone’s attention and convey a message. What story are you trying to tell? Are you promoting the premiere date of a new TV series or cast of a movie? Are you a brand offering a new product? It’s not enough to simply post a 60-second trailer or movie poster directly to social media. It needs to be optimized – think platform, content type and audience. When you have six seconds to convey your message, every second counts. Creating “snackable” content is no longer optional in our mobile-driven world and doing it successfully is an art.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how short our attention spans actually are and how it relates to social media
  • Apply strategies for creating “thumb-stopping” social media content that stands out among the noise
  • Take real-world examples of brands creating “snackable” content back to your day-to-day work
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