2020 Vision: 5 Trends for Innovative Business Decisions

Technology helps empower us to achieve more, but technology alone can’t make business decisions – people still matter. Our behavior and our motivations; the changing dynamics of communications; technology evolution, and the way these forces collide and intersect in our daily lives—all of this has an impact on the business decisions that lead to innovation. Join us as we walk through research from Microsoft Brand Studio that delves into five categories of influence that’ll impact your brand and consumer behavior: culture (private social trust), marketing (blocked You); media (mashups and mutations); technology (victory of defaults); and economics (zebras replace unicorns). After this session, you’ll be able to:
  • Understand the lessons learned from the past decade that may help us determine what happens next
  • Discover the intersections of advertising technology and people’s behavior, and how these intersections impact your brand
  • Learn the most important aspects of each trend, and how they intersect with each other to influence behavior
Marketing Strategy